Minify Any Winston!

Minify Any Winston!


Read description before purchasing!
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Have you ever wanted to purchase a new sheet of Winstons, but wished they could be a little bit smaller to better fit into your planner? Wish no more! Please read below to find out how you can MINIFY any Winston!

1. Add the Winston sheet(s) you want to minify to cart. 

2. Add this listing to cart, as many times as equals the number of Winston sheets you want to minify. For example, if you have added to your cart one sheet of reading Winstons, one sheet of eating Winstons, and one sheet of insomnia Winstons, and you want all three of those sheets minified, add this listing to cart THREE TIMES. 

3. If you are purchasing multiple Winston sheets but only want certain sheets minified, PLEASE note it carefully. For example, if you add to cart two rainy day Winstons and two bubble bath Winstons but only want one of each minified, you may add to cart two of THIS listing and then write in the notes "Please minify only ONE of each sheet". 

If you have any questions before ordering, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

PLEASE NOTE: When you minify your Winstons, you also minify the sheet they are on. A normal Winston sheet is 3.5"x4.5". A mini Winston sheet is 3.25"x3". Normal Winstons range from .45" to .6" in height, while mini Winstons are only .3" in height. Please keep this in mind when ordering! A photo with size comparisons in available in the listing.

Despite the smaller sheet size, the amount of Winstons actually on the mini sheet is very similar to the amount you would find on a normal sheet (in some cases, you will actually receive more Winstons on the mini sheet). For example:

Pushpin Winston: Normal sheet - 36. Mini sheet - 35. 

Shrug Winston: Normal sheet - 25. Mini sheet - 35. 

Clock Winston: Normal sheet - 30. Mini sheet - 30

***DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LISTING ALONE!!!!!! If you do, I won't know what to give you! Please only add this listing to cart AFTER you have added all the Winstons you want minified!!!!!!*****

All stickers are kiss cut for easy removal from the sheet.

You have the choice between matte or glossy sticker paper.

Please remember that since all monitors are different, colors may vary.


Domestic (US) orders are shipped in rigid cardboard mailers with tracking. International orders are shipped in bubble mailers with tracking to help keep costs low for international buyers. All orders also include a special freebie at no cost to you!


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Thank you so much for checking out my shop! ♥